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Doctor Sweet Tooth

Eau de Parfum

Eau de Parfum

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Eau de Parfum

Beautifully presented in heavy-walled glass.

Ingredients: Organic Grape Alcohol, Fragrance, and/or Essential Oil.

Please note: this item must ship via Ground. Any orders containing a parfum will also ship via Ground. 

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS:  This product is NOT eligible for international shipping.

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Unable to accept returns/exchanges due to product's personal nature. We suggest buying smaller sizes/quantities first to ensure satisfaction.

*Doctor Sweet Tooth makes custom products to order; not re-sellable after delivery.

Orders usually ship in 4-5 business days; can be up to 7 business days for larger orders & during holidays.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL CUSTOMS DUTIES, FEES, VAT, and TAXES. Refunds will NOT be issued for packages that are sent back for failure to pay taxes/fees due.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews
    Fast shipping & excellent customer service of course!

    I purchased two customizable perfumes & Aah! I couldn't wait to smell the perfume 😍 !. i Only pumped about one or two spritz..I think 😉🤣 it Smells lovely! Sweet Tooth's products are made fresh so there may be a wait period of about a month for the formula to set in ♡. I don't mind ( though i couldnt resist spritzing a little as soon as i got it lol). All of her products that I've tried so far are lovely! Oh, & she gifted me a mini magnetic cactus (which is so adorable!), along with a mint & a sticker; mmhmm, oh& this lovely, beautiful smell of roll-on amber perfume oil which is ✨️✨️ She did it again !

    frosted sugar cookie

    Yummy, love the scent, I need to find out how to make this last longer on my skin because I really like it. The dry down is powdery, but not bad.

    Love it!

    This Pistachio Macaroon Perfume Smells delicious!!

    I would purchase again.

    Smells wonderful. Light, not too strong of a scent but still great. Doesn’t last too long on me but maybe I’m just used to stronger silaged fragrances.


    Purchased the salt water taffy perfume because I am absolutely crazy about it… Smells so good - just like the name and you smell several different types of fruity creamy taffy… Yum!