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Doctor Sweet Tooth

Reusable Aroma Sachets

Reusable Aroma Sachets

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Tiny spaces need attention too! Our sachets are handmade to brighten even the darkest corners of your dresser drawers with a renewing scent. Don’t forget the glove box, pantry, closet and other neglected areas that could use a little TLC from our scented drawer sachets.

Our aroma sachets are made using eco-friendly natural corn cob fibers and are beautifully packaged in kraft brown paper bags. They are also re-usable. Once the fragrance fades simply empty the bag into a glass or metal bowl and add a dropper full of our refresher oil (sold separately) and stir. Once the oil is absorbed spoon the beads back into the and re-tie!

Ingredients: Corn Cob Fibers, Fragrance Oil and/or Essential Oil.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Everything SMELLS SO FABULOUS!!!

    I can't get over it! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I will definitely be back for more! You have a customer for life! Thanks Again! ~♥~

    I'll be back for more. :o)

    This smells fantastic! Pink Sugar---what else? :o) I thought that these sachets would work well in my car as an air freshener. Thanks again for all of your wonderful products! :) n

    I definitely want more of your sachets in the future

    I got the gingerbread kind, and it smells lovely. Now the gingerbread man can chase the stinkies away from my gym clothes!