Frequently Asked Questions


Yes! All of our products are now Phthalate free.

No. None of our products or fragrance oils are tested on animals.

Yes. We only use non-paraben based preservatives in our products.

Most, but not all of our products are Vegan. Some of our products contain Beeswax and are therefore not considered to be Vegan. Beeswax is the only animal-based ingredient used in some of our products.

A fragrance's longevity varies from person to person and depends on many factors. As a geneal rule the oil-based perfumes tend to last the longest compared to water-based products. The Eau de Parfums contain the highest concentration of fragrance, followed by the perfume oil roll-ons, solid perfume, and dry oil perfume. The hair and body spritz contain the lowest concentration of fragrance and are most suitable for scent layering (and refreshing throughout the day) or for those who prefer a more subtle fragrance.  In addition to layering products, it is best to apply perfume to skin that is moisturized as this helps to maintain the scent for longer.


ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Due to the personal nature of our products*, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges, which also applies to sale items and gift cards. If you are unsure about a particular scent and/or product, we recommend purchasing a smaller size and/or quantity prior to placing a larger order to ensure that you are happy with the fragrance and/or product. To purchase a sample fragrance click here.

*Doctor Sweet Tooth is a small business that does not carry an inventory of ready-made products.  Our products are custom and made fresh to order and can never be re-sold to another customer once they have left us.  


Our products are handmade to order so our handling time varies depending on volume.  You can always find the current handling time at the top of our homepage.